Avatars are Creatures of Light and Darkness - human-like beings with supernatural powers who embody good and evil. This Avataric duality is the life we live - and the challenges we are faced with.
All Avataric beings draw their talents and powers from the same pool - whether the Avatar is Light or Dark is chance...but is directly affected by the human moral identity of the being.

While these beings can sense the existence of their moral opponent, they are unable to detect or identify them outside of close physical proximity.

They can, however, easily detect and locate an Avatar of like kind (that is - the same moral fibre) over great distances with great accuracy.

The start of the avataric line is the Alpha - a female who lived before the Flood and whose story was lost with the destruction of the Royal Library of Alexandria. The Alpha spawned the first pair of Avatara, manifestations of some higher power or House; one is Light and the other Dark. Giving birth to a new Avatar leaves the mother barren and insane / ill. Often the direct line passer of the avataric mantle commits suicide. Should they remain alive - their offspring children as well as their respective offspring are called Vectori, beings with Avataric Blood who are not themselves Avatara, and who thus become generationally further removed from an Avatar in the bloodline. While Vectori cannot become Avatara, as that mantle is only conveyed upon birth, they can still exhibit some minor powers and often show signs of insanity.

The eldest generational Avatar within a House is dominant and called the Prophet. This soul possesses blue blood, also called Vitae Divina.

Avataric mythology prophesied Ushers of Destruction throughout the ages as a harbinger of the End Times to usher in the Armageddon. They are known by a thousand names in a thousand books, but can only be stopped by a soul infused with the Vitae Divina.

An Omega is a female avatar. She is also, the end of her line, and will not produce offspring.

When Avataric and human natures coincide, an Avatar will work well towards the goal of his / her House.The overarching theory depicts the battle between good and evil and the struggle between free will and destiny...
Avataric Blood travels within families forming a dynasty. The first-born to an Avatar receives a so-called mantle at birth that manifests the soul as an Avatar of a new generation; whether the new Avatar is Light or Dark is chance...

Despite what you are all thinking ... this is not a piece of erotic sapphic writing.

This is about basic cantrip casting, spell-lightening.

The street name for this, believe it or not, is fingerings.

Many people ask me about magick...and for those of you that know me - you know that I will tell you that magick is a gift that every single soul is born with.

I am always reticent to talk about it - it has not received the same acceptance as say,  the alchemy of say, cooking.

Walking around talking to spirits of the dead or otherworldly beings is not highly encouraged in the school system I was in.

My imaginary friends were not endorsed as a merit for my inter-planetary social skills - nor were my heretic comments based on careful observation of the world around me,  accoladed as sensitive.

Nope. They thought I was anti-social....bordering on autistic.

My mom would take me aside and ask me why I didn't want to be with the other children. I told her that they did not make very good conversationalists and didn't really stimulate me the way talking to my real friends (the invisible ones) and my canary, Tweety, did.

I was 5.

Oh ...yes - little girls can be clumsy little spell throwers.

I think that society calls it manipulation.

Manipulation is magic wielded stupidly and without understanding the vital ingredient - "for the greater good of all concerned."

But no, no one explains the gift.

So...mostly petty power games practiced turn into nothing more than crafted manipulation and by the time they are old enough to release what they has evapourated into to the ether, along with their spirit friends and there magickal wisdom.And the wiccan rede manifests - what you wish on others will revisit you thrice.

My friend White Sage is a beautiful soul...who always reminds me that magick is a heritage to share.The sharing brings the collective force....and the beauty.

OK... so. If ever you need any practical advise on this - I aint your girl. Those that no me - will know that every day is a surprise for me - because I find belongings that I forgot I had. Yes - I have beautiful runes - but they have been put all over the place for good magickal reason of course - and I cant be asked to look for them.

My mom always says to me that if my head wasnt attached to my body - I would never be able to find it. I think she is right. Except = I think I would actually loose my whole body. I like to hang where the minds are.

Be that as it cantrips have not other requirements than intent, passion and a bit of glamours - or cheek.

1. Unless you need both hands spells are cast with the left hand only . The only exception to this rule - is if you want to cast a reverse = that is the opposite = then you need to use your right hand.

2. Always understand that the energy you cast - is only borrowed. It must and it will come back. Know this. It can't be tricked. Trust me.

 Fé:  to cast Success
Interestingly - you can point yhis at yourself.

The use of the opposite - that is the same fingering - right hand ... is no success. So for example - if you see an accident about to happen - finger it with all intent.

Hagall: The Destroyer.

There are several fingerings of this rune.

I use this to stop negative energy from penetrating my space. Push it out like angel wings toward an attacker - an it is like a blocker. Don't use this willy Nilly. And don't use it without consideration.

Isa: Ice .
Just extend the finger of the left hand, as if you were pointing at something. To reverse, use the right hand to point away from the frozen area.
This is a fingering for suspending energy. For a nano second. I use it a lot - because magick is about consideration - and being ADD - I can be like a made scientist blowing everthing up - I often use this one on myself.

Ár: Plenty 
Left hand extended palm-upwards, as if holding out a gift.
A spell casting of bounty. It can me used in all sorts of other ways...but remember the rede....

Bjarkán : Revelation, dream 

Look closely through the circle made by your fingers – and concentrate!

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