Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cheekbones like geometry, and eyes like sin.

I recently collaborated with a friend to produce a collection of photographs for my book, Hopeful Monster.
It was a magnificent experience – and the comments that we got back were predominantly recognition of what we had hoped to achieve – a set of photographs that captured essence, and dare we say – the spirit and soul of a hopeful monster.
Delighted that the mission had been accomplished – I would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the feedback which I did not want to evoke – but which cannot be left out due to the screaming relevance to the story I am trying to tell.
Descriptions and emotive responses like :
Oh, and let me not forget piquant.
This is a valuable reminder that a hopeful monster, by definition, is dissimilar. Its contradictory traits the very thing which gives it a better chance of survival.
How easy it is to forget this : that the very survival of a hopeful monster is still underpinned by successful camouflage ?
Oh I am not talking about affected manipulation - I am talking about the box you come in. 

Your kryptonite : Crypsis — allowing  an otherwise visible life form or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment through disguise.
Its effectively a super-power. 

Camouflage helps one hide by blending in with their environment. Camouflage may also help avoid danger by fooling others into leaving us alone.It works for both sides in the battle for survival. Prey animals use it to avoid being found and eaten. Predators use it to keep from being seen by prey until it's too late. 

Crypsis intrigues me. People talk to me about the frustrations of their crypsis all the time. 
Sad really. The very packaging that protects you - can feel like it is betraying you at the same time.

Not so long ago my girlfriend was staring at me for what seemed like ages. Starting to feel a little self-conscious, I asked her what was up - and her reply was one that have me such  warm feeling inside. 

She said : " I love you so much that I forgot what you look like. I am just looking at the box you came in." 

Cheekbones like geometry, and eyes like sin - camouflage for the soul that lies within. 

Your crypsis envokes.
Those that can see , will not notice it.
As for the rest, that's all they will see.
The irony is not lost on me.
Nor is the gift.

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